These posts are freakishly accurate. Oh my gosh the one with the tights though XD 》the netflix one i died XD

Tumblr Stuff #29 I really only pinned it because of the last one because WHAT THE EVEN

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Christmas Memes – 22 Pics

Christmas Memes – 22 Pics

Tumblr comp (you know you spend too much time on tumblr when you've already seen all of these separately.. on tumblr)

Tumblr comp

my favorite is the house elf one: harry shoving almost naked Orlando Bloom into his closet I'm dYING OMG

Classic Burns #81 #9 is by far the best lol

Classic Burns #81

Classic Burns by vlade - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Just Some Of My Favorite Tumblr Posts I Stumbled Across Today

The GoF HAS to be my favorite XD And I want the Gatsby one to haaapeeennn!

Tumblr gets evil

*Moriarty voice* Say that again! Say that again and know that if youre lying to me, I will find you and I will skiiiinn you.:<<<😂 well that escalated quickly