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That's where many of our childhood days were spent!reading books, while stretched out on a large limb, watching baby birds in the nest, and swaying back and forth at the top of the tall trees - soaking in the sparkling country air!

-,'saith my he A rt',-

Reminds me of a park nearby my apartment. We all go out and lean against the fallen trees and talk, hoping we didn't go too far off the trail

Woodland walk Siegrid Cain

In a beautiful morning, walking barefoot to the work through the green fields with the company of the singing birds. and there you shall meet the real happiness!

Always going barefoot...I think she owned a pair of shoes somewhere....

Stock image of '? Person walking barefoot in field of wildflowers, cropped'

This reminds me of you in high school, Mom!

I cried when I turned 12 cause I had heard I was too old to climb trees. I heard wrong-- I still climb trees at :) :)

Country Kids & Tire Swings

Of course we had a tire swing. If you had a tree, then you had a tire swing