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What a beautiful horse face!

American Paint Horse with Partial White Ears - probably Splash White intermixed with another Pinto pattern.

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Such a gorgeous horse!

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toknow-thearabian: “ Amado De Jamaal Soho Carol x Palomara Photo by Suzanne Sturgill ”

black foal running through pasture, Liberty, Stallion, Denver, Colorado, Equine Photography, Bianca McCarty Photography

Name: Star*Dozer Age: 2 months old About: His father is Rider and want a friend . afraid of everybody accept his father

Horse with White Face Marking | ... Face Markings POST AWAY!! at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums

Well, I have seen a few threads about interesting face markings. So post all of the wierd, wacky face marking you can find!

Fynn...black overo colt, two blue eyes...bruensacres.com

Fynn...black overo colt, two blue eyes...bruensacres.com


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