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Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers on the wire harness for stunts with the glow stick of doom

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers on the wire harness for stunts with the glow stick of doom

This is awesome.

"Loki by Loki" by Tom Hiddleston :D . If Happy Hiddles doesn't make you happy, then you are beyond the help of mortal men >>> I just want to protect this man and huggle him and keep him safe from corruption. In the least creepy way, of course.

Cookie Monster and Tom Hiddleston. Ehehehe, I actually really love the fact that Tom Hiddleston said "delayed gratification" rather than "patience," "waiting," or "self-control."  I feel like his wide vocabulary makes every interview a vocab lesson!  :D

Tom Hiddleston & Cookie Monster - I love these comments. Seriously, does anyone think preschoolers will relate to "delayed gratification"?<<<< In response to this, it is never too early to build your vocabulary. Intelligence is a great thing.

Thor: Ragnarok - Exclusive Sneak Peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szeM2n2GP6w&feature=youtu.be

Anybody else would look stupid with their mouth just hanging open, not Thor one.<<<< The amount of stupidity in that sentence though is outstanding

Frustrated Loki :3 << Because Thor's doing it all wrong. << He's just like, "No, Thor. That's not how you do it. Just stop. Just let me do it. I could do that so much better than you."

It almost looks like hes trying to be sneaky and steal something out of the box Thor closes and Thors just like Nope.

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Costume details

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This man is awesome! Tom Hiddleston continues to treat ladies with respect while others are so negative about them. I hope a lot of people look up to him and realize that this is how to treat someone to get respect

just a thought..... What if someone got a picture of Tom getting ready? Only in the Loki pants. What a wonderful world that would be.

Tom Hiddleston Attends 'Thor' Comic-Con Panel as Loki!: Photo Tom Hiddleston takes the stage at the Thor: The Dark World panel as his villainous character Loki during 2013 Comic-Con on Saturday (July at the Convention Center's…