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Esto es lo que pasa cuando unimos LOS AVENGERS y POKEMON - Avenger's Pokemon

The Avengers and Pokemon. I never thought it was possible.

Team Mystic T-Shirt - Pokemon Go Show off your love for Pokemon Go and Team…

Team Mystic T-Shirt

Team Mystic T-Shirt - Pokemon Go Show off your love for Pokemon Go and Team Mystic with an amazing screen printed t-shirt. Also available is Valor and Instinct team shirts so if this is not for you ge

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Mother Eevee with baby eeveelutions. Wouldn't really happen since all the eevees would hatch from eggs.

Meowstic is a Pokémon that has different forms depending on its gender. Not only do male and female Meowstic look different, but they also have different moves they can learn!  The organs within Meowstic’s ears possess a formidable psychic power, so it usually keeps them clamped shut. But when Meowstic is threatened, it will lift its ears and release this power.

Meowstic (Male) - Pokemon X and Y - The PokeMasters - Pokémon Community