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Yeeeeeeah,  U keep right on thinking I'm the IDIOT !!! "THAT'S  RIGHT, IIII'MMM  THE IDIOT"!?!!!!!! ""! keep thinking it  !

When your former high school friend brags about going to a WWE event, but then he trips over his own ego…

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Welcome to FYeahAmbrose, your ultimate source for the 2 time Intercontinental Champion and former.

Credit JenJ@forever_ambrose

Credit JenJ I have to add, I LOVE his face in the bottom pic



( CELEBRITY MAN 2016 ) - Dean Ambrose - . WWE

Pouty Dean is adorable Dean




““I’d seriously love to tease Dean Ambrose in every form I possibly could, let him just get close enough every time, but stop at the right moment and then the final tease would make him snap and lose.

And This Is What You Get With A Girl Like Me

If you're a king I'm an ace

Bruh, whoever made thus card damn make a deck!

Bruh, whoever made thus card damn make a deck!

My cute lunatic!! <3 (tumblr)

My cute lunatic!

Dean Ambrose

With Dean Ambrose Heelcandaian On tumblah Hey Girl, Come Here.

Haven't known anyone who would be allergic to bananas until now :/

Get Rid of all the bananas in the world so my baby won't get sick♡♡

I Love The Ambrose Asylum Dean Ambrose:

I Love The Ambrose Asylum Dean Ambrose