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"Angry is just sad's bodyguard." Often moonlights for hurt, as well.

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A little travel inspiration from Lonely Planet co-founder and legend, Tony Wheeler, suggested by Josh Button. Get your free travel resolutions ebook.

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Tangletown Fine Art Relax - Life Takes Time by Hannes Beer Poster Frame - 34 x 24 x in.


If being sane is thinking there's something wrong with being different. I'd rather be completely fucking mental - Angelina Jolie - Quote

Birds with broken wings often try to help each other fly. - Matt Baker - how sweet, both Bob and I have PTSD, me from abuse and rape, him from combat.


True Gods much respect! i destroyed USA government hundreds of thousands of times and they hide thier wounds all they do is distract saying i cant fight federal laws! come knock al burry your motherfuckers!

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This is beautiful. It expresses so many of my own thoughts and then comforts them with a beautiful metaphor. Be water. My pisces heart just got goosebumps!

"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away." Learn to create and uphold boundaries so that you don't lose yourself.