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Know your fashion history: Vogue magazine covers 2000-2012

La couverture du numéro de septembre 1949 de Vogue Paris

95 ans de Vogue Paris en 10 couvertures

multifaced women

September issue of Vogue Italia is called “Multifaceted Women” and is about models putting on weird creepy masks on their faces. In Mind Control symbolism, masks represent alter personas of MK slaves – switching masks means switching alters.

Kate Moss

*~* // A shot of Kate Moss by François-Marie Banier from the book ‘Kate Moss’, to be published by Rizzoli in November

Resultat d'imatges de first vogue

Resultat d'imatges de first vogue

Vogue used to be this... click this link to see others and compare them to the vogues today. There is no more class!

Vogue: The Covers

Vintage Vogue covers from looking back at 120 years of covers with their latest Vogue: The Covers. Organized in chronological order by decade, the book begins with illustrated covers from the magazine& inception in 1892 to present day.