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Let’s talk about Survival Gear on a Budget. When I've talked to some of my family and friends about survival preparation a common worry or resistance I hear is about the initial cost.

This Week on Cool Guns of The Internet: 6/27

This week on Cool Guns of The Internet. Todays post is brought to you by the color Red and real life video game guns.All you have to do is send us a picture of your firearms via email, at “pictures…

The Big Boys Ammo and Gun Collector

Ammo and Gun Collector: The Big Boys Big Game Rifle Cartridges

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Custom Stickman Carbine Select-Fire Cal Or Blackout 30 Round Magazine


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Vanquish Helmet And Black Nano Super Suit by Neill Studios .


Terry Border is a genius. (I don't know who Terry Border is, but this made me laugh hard!

gunlocker: “ミリタリー系の画像が集まるスレ : はれぞう ”

gunlocker: “ミリタリー系の画像が集まるスレ : はれぞう ”

Para Ordnance Warthog

Para Ordnance Warthog with Hogue grip. Compact, accurate as hell with knock down power!

Any Sniper lovers?

Any Sniper lovers?

First line of defence. Sniper rifles with a muffler gives long range defence.