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Random Inspiration #44

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These are the people who have achieved perfection. THIS is the image of humanity at it's finest. What humans are supposed to look like. Bodies Of Work Volume 4

Bodies Of Work: Volume 4

Bodies Of Work Volume 4 Celeste Bonin is a former WWE Diva champ and Prime Nutrition team member.

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5 Keys to Kill Cellulite! Cellulite can be only be nailed 1 way. These 5 Keys .

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Are there some Daisy Dukes in the house? Yes? Then you should definitely try out this workout! #Fitgirlcode

Tone It Up: The Daisy Dukes Summer Workout

Tone It Up: The Daisy Dukes Summer Workout Gotta save this one for next summer when I won't be pregnant. Perfect workout for pretending I'm Daisy Duke, driving my jeep!

pretty good inspiration right there!

Jessica Simpson's Daisy Duke workout- she did 5 times a week. It would take me doing this 5 times a week for 15 years before I got to her daisy duke body.