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Steampunk gas mask - i really wanted one of these when we were camping. because we had a glowstick red flashlight. and there were this irritating kids who ran around and shined their lights into our rv at night. so what did i want to do??? get a gas mask then wear it outside and stand in the dark. when they ran by, hold up the glow stick and click it on. see what they do. and if they light our rv anymore.

ɛïɜ Gas Mask Steampunk in Deep Red Leather ~ Tom Banwell Designs *** Leather Masks Steampunk ~ Etsy Shop ɛïɜ

Tom Banwell - the master of steampunk masks

Tom Banwell's brilliant steampunk gasmasks

Time lost by Omar Brunt

Steampunk male character costume outfit design, Time lost by Omar Brunt steampunk hat and mechanic gloves and arm, pilot glasses, steampunk belt costume design for steampunk man fashion

greyfaced:  Steampunk Leather Tophat, by: Valimaa

Unique capture of a leather face "being". I would think this would be Avant Gardes main look, if it had one physical appearance.

Centurion Leather Mask - so bad ass

Centurion Leather Mask

Wouldn't it be great if a groom wore this to his ceremony. Centurion Leather Mask - so bad ass


Steampunk Costume: the Jet Pack and Time Machine from Aethertech Industries - Fine Adventuring Accoutrements on Etsy (I see a bathroom light fixture.

Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask

Leather plague doctor mask with tophat. Super cool and kinda creepy at the same…