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I bet he would APOLLOgize if he knew this was how you felt

I bet he would APOLLOgize if he knew this was how you felt<<< always these dam percy jackson puns

THROW. IT. BACK. That's hysterical

Leo Valdez and Nico Di Angelo - Frankly, I'm utterly shocked Percy let that thing get his blue pizza first. XD Leo looks so offended that's it's not Percy Annabeth.

what are those whale sobbing noises on the background? oh, just me forever crying over every single AU in which Bianca is still alive and Nico is happy. It’s ironic how happy!Nico things are also.

15- A god buys us Cheeseburgers

It took everything in me to draw those guys (I am terrified of the little buggers), but it must have been so much worse for he. TLT A god buys us Cheeseburgers.

Percy Jackson <<<<< but that was in Son of Neptune<--- He's reading, trying to find Octavian's weakness so he can get revenge

haha ^^^^^uh, the panda pillow pet died in the Son of Neptune, guys. Not Mark of Athena>> yes but who knows maybe rick riordan was just that good the panda couldn't stop reading