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Scrolling a post like this takes some serious stamina. Love this scrolling stuff !

What I expect funerals in the near future to be…  Yet another reason why facebook is just. so. dumb.

What I expect funerals in the near future to be…

Real friends v. Social Media friends it is nice to have real friends and not people agree with all the crap you post to make you feel better about yourself.

Lol i wish my socks followed the buddy system

The Buddy System If only it worked like that.if only that happened in real life

Since getting a job providing therapy to people has proved to be more difficult than expected maybe I should look into providing therapy for inanimate objects.

I thought it would be cute and good for a few chuckles to start this thread.so please add any funny naughty Christmas pic or quotes.let's get into the spirit of things and have a laugh.Merry Christmas everyone:icon_santa: 148247

I and You hahaha

Você recebeu uma mensagem...

"When you speak, this is what I think," said Grandma. Photo: A cartoon phone and tube are pictured. The phone says, "I phone, you tube.

cartoon snowman humor - Google Search

Two snowmen talking, "Don't be absurd! We evolved by chance from snowflakes! Good point to use against evolution.

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