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Religious hypocrisy. Touché.

As an atheist looking in from the outside this is what religion looks like. People laughing and disagreeing with one another over their beliefs. As Peter Berger said "All religions cannot be true, so none of them must be true.

More specifically, for *admitting* that you don't believe. Millions or even billions of people don't believe but don't say it out loud.

Atheists living openly in 13 countries risk the death penalty, according to a new, comprehensive report from the International Humanist and Ethical Union out on Tuesday

Kills everyone...

Fuck Religion … Yeh I said it mate… care to do something ‘bout it?

people just being mean to each other for what the other believe's. Be nice people

Creationists refuse to accept these are both apes (chimp & human), but have no problem accepting these are both canids (wolf & dog), why? IGNORANCE or ARROGANCE?

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. It took a country founded on freedom 245 years to figure out that human slavery is wrong because the Bible says it's right.

Religion advocates hatred toward women and slavery. I cannot support nor will I force my daughter to support this type of thinking.


What kind of people would a faith create if this is the 'god' approved norm? Bible study - biblical morals: have sex with your daughters. This is morality?

This is why Creationists invented their shit.

In first grade, I asked my teacher whilst in the library about this very thing.I got no response. I will never forget the first intelligent question that my teacher couldn't answer.

Yes...I agree it's a total load of shit!!!!

RELIGION is a story to make us feel better, YOUR narcasistic or psychopathic partner is telling you a atory to make you feel like disobeying him/ Her will cause hell to break out. If they want to act like the devil, means you get to leave.


Again, atheists making stuff up out of nowhere with no evidence; things that are ridiculously and patently false. It is those who hate Christianity that starve almost exclusively. You are delusional.


They're not wrong

If you ever feel stupid remember there are grown adults who believes two penguins walked from antarctica to get on an ark in the Middle East.