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Fuck god and tax church. Fucking right! *The churches teach we're all god's children, yes? Well it seems to me there is a helluva big back child support payment due. Just sayin'.

1 Timothy 5:8

1 Timothy ~ GPS-Grace Power Strength: When Love Isn't Enough & He Doesn't Provide

Who has the most influence in your child's life? This should forever squelch the idea that church has more influence than the home in passing faith onto children.

A great reminder for all of the above! To our churches, let's empower our parents to be the spiritual guides of our kids lives! Let's rally around and support them instead of trying to do it all in those 40 hours.

Worry Box: great coping strategy for anxious kids (I would get rid of the last line) Repinned by Apraxia Kids Learning. Come join us on Facebook at Apraxia Kids Learning Activities and Support- Parent Led Group.

The Worry Box

Worry Box: great coping strategy for anxious kids. This is a great way for children to physically drop their worries in the box and walk away. Actually doing the act of leaving your worry behind will help get rid of the worry for good.

Leaving religion is full of potential problems, both emotional and practical.  How will I tell my parents and extended family? How will this affect my marriage? How do I break the news to my religious friends and what if it disrupts the friendship? How to deal with child rearing issues? Who can I talk to about my feelings without being told, “You just need more faith.”

If you are one of the many people who have determined that religion no longer has a place in their life, but are still dealing with the after-effects in some way or another, Recovering From Religion (RR) may be just the right spot for you.

This woman's my hero, along with anyone who tells their experience of such a hard time and choice. That's bravery! Because, you know after opening up and sharing such a personal experience, she probably was bombarded with hateful comments by "pro-life" fanatics. These women are heros for sharing!!

Abortion rights are privacy rights, fundamental human rights, and key to women's health

11-year-old girl escapes arranged marriage. This breaks my heart into a million pieces. She is amazing.

11-year-old girl escapes arranged marriage…

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