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Marianne Design Craftable punch die Fish (Tanja)
Ornamental design; a griffin, facing l, within a wreath of flowers.  c. 1500  Woodcut
"Bouquets propres pour les Estofes de Tours" / par Paul Androuet du Cerceau (v.1630-1710) / A Paris chez N. Langlois, 1670-1685 – Londres, Victoria & Albert Museum
Stephan Schreiber's late gothic pattern book
Surya COS9256 Cosmopolitan Blue Runner Area Rug

Surya COS9256 Cosmopolitan Blue Runner Area Rug

From medieval manuscript
After Schongauer, Martin 1500
[Dessin d'ornement] | Centre de documentation des musées - Les Arts Décoratifs
This is a series of live drawing I did during a comedy show at Bonnaroo 2012. It includes Rhys Darby, Moshe Kasher, Nick Thune, & Reggie Watts. I was able to get most of the drawings signed by the comedians.