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I've done this

LOL funny true true story humor school class i can relate so true teen quotes relatable funny quotes so relatable.or now when at work talking to the smartest person in the work (yes you know the one)

You guys would love me!

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I hate it when i do this

Teenager Post - That awkward moment when you over-hear a joke in someone else's conversation and accidentally laugh out loud. :) yeah, so true

Every afternoon at snack time!

Nothing to eat. Nothing to eat. Lower standards and repeat. Hahahaha do it all the time like something will magically appear!

Relatablepost yeah... And then I get to the actual movie but all I can think about are the trailers to other movies

Trailerteam - a diary for a movie lover. Things I need to get back sometime: Movie trailers, links to news, stories and conversations about movies and art

It's truly a gift.

Teenager Post who can finish a shampoo bottle at the same time as conditioner are truly gifted. So true.

Yeah I always seem to make up new rules for games so this is defiantly me :-)

Hahahaha imma do this next time I play Simon says and see the disappointed faces of everyone and just feel accomplished with my life and feel actual pride