this wood be a pretty inspiration. get some doors and paint them a turquois and surround them with deep pink or red flowers as a wedding backdrop. the flowers would cost alot

lovely     #Gardening #Decorating #RT

color and architecture and these amazing window boxes in Rottweil, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany This is what I loved about Europe. The window boxes.

Love the door shape and the vines growing on the house!

FLORAL abriendo-puertas: Red Ivy by the Door. By Yellowcaseartist

let's just leave it open

I love the shutters and the bright light streaming in through the windows and the peek into the garden.

wow! That would put you in a good mood any day!

"When traveling seems like the hardest thing to do in the moment, when we think it's too expensive, we need to work, or there isn't time -- it's usually the most important time to go.

Art Nouveau door

This photo was taken on November 2010 in Ter Kameren, Bruxelles, Capital Region of Brussels, BE