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“Did we just break into a military base to investigate a rabbit?

whoever made this...THANK YOU! It's a Pocket Benedict<3

paper dolls

Number 4 in a series. Sherlock paper dolls - many thanks to those who offered advice when I couldn’t decide who to draw next - and with all the lovely news about Sherlock that has come out recently, this seemed an obvious choice.

Sherlock Animals - Imgur

Sherlock Animals

Finally one for Moriarty! Otter for Sherlock, hedgehog for John, now rabbit for Moriarty and an ostrich for Mycroft! This is what happens when a fandom has to wait two years for the next season.

Only Sherlock... I really am sorry for the spoilers but if you want to be surprised, then you may want to unfollow me until you see them.

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Sherlock announces he’s going to propose to Janine in order to gain access to Magnussen’s office. She’s Magnussen’s PA you see.

Sherlock Holmes and the case of Bluebell the vanishing luminous rabbit. by nimbusnought

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Sherlock Holmes and the case of Bluebell the Vanishing Luminous Rabbit - Sherlock