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a woman, without her, man is nothing. that's the one I agree with. women are powerful!

Punctuation is POWERFUL. --ignore the fact that punctuation is spelled wrong in the quote.<spelling is powerful, too

Neville Longbottom: master of the puberty spell

weird, if you reverse that, you have the story of my life. minus the hot part. yeah, minus teh hot part.

KIDS REACT to Rebecca Black - Friday

Rebecca Black and her now infamous song Friday is a hot topic around the world right now and these are some kids reacting to watching the video, pretty funny and cute.

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars

You will soon learn that Mommy is a nerd. One day, I will teach you all about muggles, the one ring, and the ways of the force. (I will leave out the force and would replace the baby with a dog)

Eeeeee, this Sherlock Teddy Bear! Purple shirt and all! Between Sher-bear, John-bear, 'm gonna be friggin broke!

Can BBC make me a show with these two.... maybe throw in a bit of David Tennant.... a dash of John Barrowman......

This just popped up on Twitter

Matt Smith + Nathan Fillion = awesome<------If Matt Smith is 11 ½" then how tall is Nathan Fillion?


Funny pictures about Ellen speaks the truth. Oh, and cool pics about Ellen speaks the truth. Also, Ellen speaks the truth.


Funny pictures about Evil creature. Oh, and cool pics about Evil creature. Also, Evil creature.

Imagine the person who still doesn't know how Sherlock died, and now must also wonder about Moriarty...

I feel kinda bad that everyone had to wait 2 years and I waited about a day and was going crazy waiting for it.

Sherlock's Mind Palace vs Magnussen's

Sherlock's Mind Palace vs Magnussen's - *stares in awe*

I should use this for a Valentine's Day card one day or something!

You know why this is so amazing? Because of WHY Dobby loves socks. And the sock he was given. Socks represent his freedom. But it was Harry's sock and Dobby chose to be his elf. I love you because you set me free and I still chose to stay with you.

Words of wisdom courtesy of benedict cumberbatch

Hannah (Sherlock) on

advice from one of the best and most famous actors out there. Benedict Cumberbatch :: one of the many reasons this man is my dream man.