"Two Generations" by Elizabeth Catlett

Elizabeth Catlett (American-born Mexican, Two Generations, Catlett is best known for her work during the and when she created politically charged black expressionistic sculptures and prints. Catlett was born in Washington, DC in 1919

Elizabeth Catlett was an African-American sculptor, painter and printmaker who died just before her 97th birthday. In a career spanning more than 70 years, She celebrated the heroic strength and endurance of African-American and Mexican working-class women. Throughout her career, Catlett was a progressive committed to improving the lives of Black and Mexican women, and she often used her art explicitly to advance their cause.

Elizabeth Catlett, Sculptor With Eye on Social Issues, Dies at 96

Elizabeth Catlett renowned African-American sculptor and printer, was a champion of the arts, civil rights and women's rights. She will be remembered for her distinguished depictions of women and the black experience.

Which Way, 1975, Elizabeth Catlettcul

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