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Elisabeth Pawelke sings Zwei Falken - YouTube

Elisabeth Pawelke sings Zwei Falken - YouTube

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Mirela you know when Finns hair is revealed well goats spirit or whatever is gonna be revealed and its gonna be this epicness

How To Draw Unguligrade Bipeds (IE: Hoofed People) by ~The13thBlackCat on deviantART

Edit How To Draw Unguligrade Bipeds: Advanced Course /Edit One of my biggest peeves in fantasy art is seeing perfectly good--amazing, even! How To Draw Unguligrade Bipeds (IE: Hoofed People)

A myth told by the commoners is that The amount of pieces connected to the roots on your antlers are the amount of gods watching over you.

Coloured sketch from yesterday of my OC Nerva. It's a little unfinished, but I don't really have the motivation anymore. I wanted to draw his face for o.

kindof a tutorial but not really. EDIT: Heres a video that corresponds with what i am talking about! magpieb0nes.tumblr.com/post/14…

Start to finish hooves for satyr find solid rubber wedge heels, cut them to the point right below your ankle shape screen wire over shoe, staple gun down wrap with fibergla.<< Note to self: use if cosplaying D&D character

missgdesigns:  MY TOP 15 FAVORITE SHOOTS OF 2015 In no particular order here is 6 of 15. Photographer: Emily Nicole Teague PhotographyModel: Kelli KickhamHeaddress: Miss G DesignsMakeup: Mckenzie Gregg MUALighting Assistant: Christina SchellhousHorns: Faust & Company

"Earth Witch" Photographer: Emily Nicole Teague Photography Model: Kelli Kickham Makeup: Mckenzie Gregg MUA Headdress: Miss G Designs Horns: Faust & Company Lighting Assistant: Christina Schellhous

'Capricornus' by Amdhuscias on deviantART.

JEWELRY IDEAS - Make him imp sized and have dark green hair and you have greed, the first imp demon and the second least powerful sin demon, but the most crafty.