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sunsetgun: “Words cannot express how much I love this photo. Publicity photo for Invasion of the Saucermen via David Del Valle.

Famous Monsters: The eerie movie-monster portraits of Basil Gogos

Basil Gogos' first cover for Famous Monsters of Filmland was this amazing por.

Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine

384 x 508 cover scan of Famous Monsters Of Filmland 059 Nov 1969

Five members of the Monster Fan Club     Photo by Diane Arbus, New York, 1961

5 Monster Fan Club members, New York, 1961 (by Diane Arbus) - Jim Warren's famous Monsters Fan Club Queens, N.

Famous Classic Monsters Art | Famous monsters from movies on classic paintings (35 pics)

Au Bord du Ruisseau by William Adolphe Bouguereau (William Bouguereau) (At the Edge of the Brook), Oil on canvas

Famous Movie Monsters

tremendous illustration by Alex Ross Frankenstein Bride Dracula Mummy Wolfman Gillman Invisible Man

Vincent Price

Vincent Price

death depressed suicide famous Monsters evil ghosts demons Stephen ...

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