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Waffeln - Spiel Illustrationen von Chris Beatrice <3 <3

Game Illustrations by Chris Beatrice

bronzering - Game Illustrations by Chris Beatrice <3 <3

Game Illustrations by Chris Beatrice

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India’s vividness is a great inspiration for designers galore. From culture and traditions to behaviour and insights, a plethora of concepts lie hidden n this multicultural land. Graphic Designer, Somdutt Sarkar, explores this rich culture to translate them into memorable designs.

Somdutt Sarkar is an alumnus of the prestigious National Institute of Design. Inclination towards all mediums and forms of design comes naturally to him. Trained as a textile designer, he also wo…

Randal Spangler's Fantastic Art Realm

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창작자들의 놀이터 : 그라폴리오

어느 소도시의 일식당 by 국민지 on

창작자들의 놀이터 : 그라폴리오