funny that its saying that The Wanted is more popular than Harry Styles and Taylor Swift combined.

This made me laugh really hard for some reason.

Liam Payne - "One day we went to a farm and they asked us if we'd like to ride horses, but there were only four, so Harry rode a cow.


first I gotta embarrass the crap outta my friend. Then I embarrass the guy. In all I embarrass myself and we all just be like that and my friend gets mad later and he's back at me lol xD

I laughed WAY too hard at this one haha :) @Harry Styles you did better than I would have done :) and at least you got up and tried :)

Okay look at Zayns reaction to harry twerking then Perrie then Ed then Ross Lynch


Your favorite picture of Niall Horan and why I LOVE this pic of Nialler because it's so sweet and adorable. And he's in the middle of one of his famous laughs. I imagine his laughing whenever I see this picture and it makes me happy.