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Rotation - Parts of a Whole Derange - Clayton Shonkwiler - Video of projective transforms in a plane (projective: the 'point at infinity' can be mapped to a finite point)

Have some gifs to calm you down - Album on Imgur

Have some gifs to calm you down

wavegrower: “ psychedelic-team: “ Source, check out his stuff!:) ” someone played inverting colors of that old one, that’s pretty good ”

400x400 px

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*8* the most beautiful 8 ever ...hypnotizing...on and on and on and on - click the picture to see it yourself

Very similar to the traditional loading circle, but instead in an infinity symbol.

GIFで見る数学の面白さ | ギズモード・ジャパン

GIFで見る数学の面白さ | ギズモード・ジャパン

35 Amazing GIFs That Will Leave You Mesmerised - BlazePress

35 Amazing GIFs That Will Leave You Mesmerised

For Your Processing

Quite like the idea of Masesi type within a outline of circular shape with marble effect bottom or marble effect background

Mesmerising Mathematical Gifs - Design - ShortList Magazine

Mesmerising Mathematical Gifs

Get Lost in Endlessly Repeating GIFs Based on Mesmerizing Math

Unendliche GIFs von David Whyte | Design/Kunst | Was is hier eigentlich los? |

Unendliche GIFs von David Whyte

wheel forever Dublin-based David Whyte has created a series of mesmerizing geometric GIFs using the programming language Processing.

gold borough studio visual inspiration

recoveryofabrokenteen:hippies-like-us:communitycrook: paradisperdue: beesandbombs: circle wave This is very calming Peaceful as fuck.