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Music: Zero - Varsity Fanclub I’m not going to age restrict this video but warning it does have some more intimate septiplier artworks so ensure you want to .

This is so sweet!

For Markiplier- seriously going to cry this is why we love mark cause even in our dreams he's there to help

Septiplierrrrrr….comic… :D I personaly don’t ship it but WHO CARES! xD I though it be funny to put Pewds here ( cuz when Mark and Jack played Pewdiebot, Pewdiebot said that he ship em, and he said that to both of them xD) And in the past Pewds did a...

I love this comic not because I ship septicplier (I don't) but because if I ever got to talk to Senpai again I would want this to happen>>SEPTIPLIER AWAY

pewdie and stephano and piggeh and mr.chair  This... This is just too perfect!!

pewdie and stephano and piggeh and mr.chair This. This is just too perfect!