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GLEE CAST at the beginning

Top 10 songs Gleeks choose will feature on the milestone episode of the Fox musical series


I watched it before Cory died but now I watched it a lot because of what happened. It makes me happy and sad watching it. This is my fave tv show in the world.


Rachel Berry & Finn Hudson & Kurt Hummel & Sue Sylvester & Artie Abrams & Will Schuester & Mercedes Jones & Santana Lopez & Tina Cohen-Chang & Noah 'Puck' Puckerman & Brittany S.


Glee Cast season The Seniors.

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Billboard Magazine’s Greatest of All Time: The top artists, songs, albums and bands, including celebrity favorites.Most Billboard Hot 100 Hits By Artist In just six years on the air Fox’s.

I go through periods where I CAN'T stop watching it.

Glee season Jut started watching its one of my favorite shows now!

My favorite TV show. This show has made me want to keep pursuing one of my dreams of working on a popular TV show.

Such a great picture of the original Glee cast!COM to stand out in the crowd & shine bright like a diamond with your custom bling!

Glee Season Four Poster

Glee Season Four Poster