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Building a bridge to Hawaii is easier than trying to understand what makes women happy.

How to become a pro at the "spot the difference" puzzles... it totally works, I even found the missing star!

I've been doing it wrong my entire life...

Funny pictures about How to solve 'Spot the difference' riddles. Oh, and cool pics about How to solve 'Spot the difference' riddles. Also, How to solve 'Spot the difference' riddles photos.


Making soccer based puns was never my goal. Also I made a speed drawing of this comic:

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15 brilliant comic strips showing what adulthood is really like Shenanigansen is a talented artist from Massachusetts who draws highly amusing images depicting the dilemmas of daily life and growing up.

Time is money

It's all about making the most out of something and avoiding waste. But there are some "frugal" tactics that aren't frugal at all. We want to know—what money saving habits aren't worth it?