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All Lamia Witches have a crescent shaped birthmark at the base of their neck. These birthmarks vary in size and, sometimes, color.

Lucy Griffiths as Maid Marian BBC's Robin Hood

Caleb had told her she was a fighter! She felt weak and helpless. The fighter had no fight left.


burn her and finish what my father started" he said in a steady tone, "burn the bloody bitch." a lone tear trickled from the corner of his eye, yet not once did he falter, not once did he hesitate.

I am her, Danna (rhymes with Hannah), rusted & weathered & loving fantasy, folklore, fables and...

Even if it costs me my life, I shall never surrender what is rightfully mine. Let the war rage till the victory is won. (Learn how to sword fight!

Fairy tale fashion fantasy/karen cox FANTASY & MEDIEVAL WONDERFUL FASHION

Morgana from BBC's Merlin. I have a love for all costumes medieval and especially capes. I love the long trains and decadent fabrics! This cape in particular has inspired my favorite home sewn, velvet cape.