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Massive attack Protection   09   Heat miser

Massive attack-Three Album: Protection lyrics: [Nicolette] Three's my lucky number And fortune comes in threes But I wish I knew that number That even.

Attack of the Gummy People! Postcard

Attack of the Gummy People! Postcard

Shop Attack of the Gummy People! Postcard created by ArtbyDonSchwieger.

I saw (and heard *g* ) a Hang Drum player in Strasbourg last year. It's such an amazing instrument. Hard to believe that what's basically a steel pot can make such music! And this vid lets you hear just how awesome it sounds.

Hang Massive - Once Again - 2011 ( hang drum duo ) ( HD ) Played by Danny Cudd and Markus Johansson

Carsie Blanton "Baby can dance" with dancers Lisa Casper, Amy Johnson, Chance Bushman, Giselle Anguizola, Laura Manning, Reuel Reis, Peter Loggins

The NOLA Jitterbugs Teach New Orleans How to Dance

Carsie Blanton - Baby Can Dance. One of my all time favorite swing songs.

"I wish you would use all means at your disposal — films! expeditions! the web! more! — to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas, hope spots large enough to save and restore the ocean, the blue heart of the planet." Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

Legendary ocean researcher Sylvia Earle shares astonishing images of the ocean -- and shocking stats about its rapid decline -- as she makes her TED Prize wish: that we will join her in protecting the vital blue heart of the planet.

Franky Boyle OTT

Another comedian that couldn't care less about what people think. Personally I think that that approach benefits comedy and as a result, shows people how they make such a big deal over very little.

Life ain't about MONEY

The New Respects - Money

Classic Metal Album Covers: Manowar - Hail to England

Cuadro con marco negro de aluminio para disco de vinilo / Manowar - Hail to England /