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Chihuahua's third wife, Ilth-Gozey (or Ilth-Gazie) and her two children, Eugene and Ramona Chihuahua, 1886.

Wife of Geronimo & Two Children, Native American Apache Indian. It was the death of his fort wife that sent him on a revenge killing spree amongst the Mexicans. He hated them so much that he did not count their kills. She was a very beautiful woman ~j

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Hin-ma-toe Ya-lut-kiht (aka Thunder Rolling Over The Mountains, aka Chief Joseph, aka Joseph II) the son of Tu-eka-kas (aka Shooting Arrow, aka Joseph I) – Nez Perce – 1903

Jicarilla Apache http://www.flickr.com/photos/8338840@N06/3261897308/

You are viewing an unusual image of a Jicarilla Maiden. It was taken in 1905 by Edward S. The image shows the Indian Maiden in a half-length portrait, facing right. It is a nice illustration showing traditional Indian dress.

Salish chief Eagle with a golden eagle headdress

NA Indian * Chief Eagle ~ Salish chief; wore a headdress of highly prized golden eagle feathers, which signify that he was oiutstanding in battle. A complete tail of twelve eagle feathers could be traded for a pony ~ Artist by: steeelll *

Kaytennae (Warm Springs) with his wife, Gouyen (Mescalero), and their children - Apache - no date

Kaytennae - Chííhénee’ (Warm Springs Apache) Nation with his wife, Gouyen - Shis-Inday (Mescalero Apache) Nation, and their children.