amazing pencil drawing. This is seriously good. I could never ever never be able to draw water like this, let alone someone being splashed by it. I just love this!

Jas Amazing Pencil Drawings by Shiry, aka Pink The wait Aya ueto by sheeroo Nonami Heart Pink look Imagination by sheeroo Hurting angel Heart Union with water View… Continue Reading →

Lora Zombie "This Thing Called Art Is Really Dangerous"

This Thing Called Art Is Really Dangerous

This Thing Called Art Is Really Dangerous Premium Giclée-tryk af Agnes Cecile på AllPosters.

Hyperrealistic drawing by Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden working on a drawing. The hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden creates hand drawn images that look like black and white photographs.

Sometimes I think I'm pretty good then I see things like this... This guy must have so much patience

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gottfried helnwein

Gottfried Helnwein: Kindskopf (Head of a Child) 1991 600 cm x 400 cm oil and acrylic on canvas This artist is creates the most disturbing and haunting portraits of children.

SPOTLIGHT: Joel Rea’s Captivating High-Velocity Oil Paintings What a true gift! Australian artist Joel Rea creates cinematic paintings pulsing with the intensity of the wind and ocean waves.

Desenho hiperrealista [Desenhos Legais] ENVELHECER - Poetas e Escritores do Amor e da Paz

Pencil drawings by Franco Clun. Italian artist Franco Clun uses only pencil and paper to create these incredibly realistic portraits that can easily be mistaken for photographs.