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Kreative in Life -

Wonderful cite for Kindergarten teachers! Love her enthusiasm, methods, and encouragement!

OMG so true...so true...I love my job, but it is much different than others perceive it to be.

What is a meme? A meme is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Here are some examples of famous memes: Some memes are funny, other are sarcastic, some a…

Send home a magnet with teachers email address and other contact info at your meet and greet.

Kindergarten Cupcake Crumbs: Meet & Greet Magnet with Teacher contact info for parents

20 Quotes From Children’s Books Every Adult Should Know

20 Quotes From Children’s Books Every Adult Should Know

Picture of Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Tuesday Teacher Tips: Transitions with a Yes Line!

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Transitions with a Yes Line!

Easy way to assign partners. Each student chooses a stick and partners up with their color match.

Great way to randomly assign partners. Put popsicle sticks in your hand, plain side out. Have kids pick sticks and pair with the child with the matching stick.

SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASSROOM SETUP POINTERS.  This post has such great pointers for dealing with the common problem of elopement or students escaping the area.  In addition, there is some GREAT tips about improving how you can get the most from your paraprofessionals! Read more at:  http://www.autismclassroomresources.com/special-education-classroom-setup-pointers-summer-sped-blog-hop/

Special Education Classroom Setup Pointers: Summer Sped Blog Hop

Special needs- A Special Sparkle: Visual Solutions For Staying in Your Space. This would be excellent for a child with ADD/ADHD, autism, etc. in a classroom setting.

Just found out about this website... amazing!! Favorite Resources for Addressing Academic Concepts

Songs for Teaching - Music Therapy. Great resources for using music to enrich development.