By Pentagram

By Pentagram Charlie Immer- translucent bubbly genius Creative Boys Club


This minimalist drawing incorporates much emotion and feeling with only a simple amount of line work and strokes, and is very effective at revealing the atmosphere of/around the building to the viewer.

The "Transi de René de Chalons" by Ligier Richier, in the church of Saint Etienne in Bar-le-Duc, France. @1557.  Cadaver tomb.

"Transi de René de Chalon," Ligier Richier, I know some may find this gruesome, and it is, but there's images of Jesus nailed to a cross & no one blinks an eye. Transi de René de Chalon is an "example of how transient earthly glory is.

Art by Noah Scalin.Beaucoup plus malin et moins obscène que Damien Hirst

What a different creative approach to creating a skull with guitars! Also this is just what i needed for inspiration, ive Trier Darwins skulls for a long time, but it's hard you know?

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Steampunk color splash skull

Now framed in my studio, a killer skull I designed ago based on others' creative input