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Elena shut the door of her locker. She looked across the hallways and saw the new girl talking to Josh Daniels. Elena was a Sophomore and she skipped her Freshman year because she was intelligent. Of course she got made fun of being so smart. She balanced

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Very secretive and sneaky also doesn't trust anyone. She's a flirt with the guys. She has no limits when it comes to life or death situations. Her enemy is a (haven't figured it out yet) and trinket: (also not figured out)

just wrote some scenes about her and this could only be Aerinndis, TNS2 www.ahgray.wordpress.com

Her skin as white as the snow falling from the clouds. Her hair so white, almost silver, so fine and beautiful. Her eyes dark and begging, as if for me to come. She was beautiful in every way.

i like her hair here                                                                                                                                                      More

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“It was just a moment like this... Just a second and now it stays forever ... Amazing and stunning capture by Isa Battaglin @lillykphotography how to start…”

“Jade🌸 beautiful close up for photographed by . Grooming by Erika Harding…”