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info about food dehydrating..."Believe it or not, frozen vegetables can be dehydrated very effectively. Simply take your frozen vegetables, place them in the dehydrator, and a few hours later you have vegetables that are ready for long-term storage.  This makes it practical for everyone to dehydrate food regularly." I did not know that... good article

drying tomatoes I'm especially pleased. Drying apples and preserving tomatoes with a homemade solar food dryer condenses their flavor into incredible winter treats.

Whether you're a camping pro, a hiking buff, or just looking to preserve your garden's bountiful harvest, dehydrating food at home is a useful skill!

Beginner's Guide to Dehydrating Food at Home

Food Pantrie Solar Food Dehydrator - Hanging Dehydration System - Non-Electric, Eco Friendly, Natural Way To Air Dry Foods, Fruits, Vegetabl.

18 Best DIY Solar Dehydrators | They are really simple and cost-effective to make. If you have lots of produce to dehydrate, you’ll also appreciate making a larger sized dehydrator to get the work done more quickly.

There are many types of DIY solar dehydrators you can make. You& save money with a DIY dehydrator and find that its size gets the job done more quickly.

Preserving the Harvest: Fermenting and Home Canning

Dehydrator Recipe Roundup- 20 recipes that use your dehydrator for everything from cayenne beef jerky from a roast to sweet-tart dried kiwi to homemade yogurt! Preserve the harvest and provide healthy snacks at the same time!Love my dehydrator

Make it yourself Food dehydrator - complete instructions to build

Box Food Dehydrator

Picture of Solar Food Dehydrator (Dryer)

Solar Food Dehydrator (Dryer)

Dry your fruit, vegetables, and other goods with your own sun powered dehydrator. Electric Food Dehydrators can be expensive and consume unnecessary energy. This solar dehydrator was made entirely of .


A solar dehydrator made out of an old refrigerator. We heard dehydrating is healthier and easier than canning or freezing.