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Most Important for Saving Lives: Drinking water at the correct time. Can save lives by drinking water. Jacky Chan, Loma Linda University researcher published could reduce heart attack risk and stroke risk by drinking plain water. Plain water goes

Looking to start your day right? Here are 29 reasons why you need to drinking a glass of warm lemon water in the morning.

29 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Here are the 29 benefits of lemon water that you may not be aware of. Make sure you drink a glass of warm lemon water in the first thing in the morning. Definitely got to start drinking lemon water instead of just plain ol' water.

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General detox and weight lose booster - water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10 - 12 mint leaves. Steep overnight in fridge and drink every day. Also great for clear skin!

Even the smallest changes in your routine can have a big impact on your health. Take starting your day with lemon water, for instance. Discover seven reasons why you should consider adopting this super simple habit.  #lemon  #infographic

7 Reasons to Start Your Day with Lemon Water (Infographic)

Best Ideas For Makeup Tutorials Picture Description 7 Reasons to Start Drinking Lemon Water, check it out at makeuptutorials.

A Vitamin Cheat sheet that let's you know how each vitamin helps your body and what foods they are in.

Vitamins Cheat Sheet Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Health category. Check out Vitamins Cheat Sheet now!

Drink your way to weight loss. The Best 3 Healthy Weight Loss Drinks #recipes

Drink Your Way To Weight Loss.lose weight easily, the healthy way, with honey/ lemon / cinnamon drinks and teas

Types Of Stretches That Improve Different Parts Of Your Body

Types Of Stretches That Improve Different Parts Of Your Body

Good ideas, but the last part gets me.this part causes lower pain pain. It sucks to have pain in your lower pain!

Drink More Water (!!!) I have to add: it helps prevent sinus infections (says my doctor!) There are so many more benefits than listed here.

The miracle that is water! Great infographic showing the many health benefits of water.