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Nomad travel quote: "You can recreate yourself as many times as there are cities in the world. I think its for that reason we all love to travel.

I want to make memories all over the world.

Traveling is exciting and fun. But some do get jitters before traveling to a place for the first time. There’s perhaps only one thing better than traveling to a place for the first time and that is going there for

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AE: Do you enjoy exploring new places? Z: That is passion of mine, going to a new place, or city and go get lost. Just have fun and explore.

A gift that lives on and changes you forever.  Become a storyteller and travel.   cb4f38da11f868e2a6b80a7d917b69b1.jpg 612×612 pixels

This quote always sparks adventure and yearn to get away Travel. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Don’t worry, be happy (15 photos)

Don’t worry, be happy (15 photos)

Easy Travel Guide: Buy a world map Buy a dart Place the map on a wall Throw the dart at the map Travel to wherever it lands Escape, Explore, Discover.

Travel the world

Feel the movement of human bodies, music and culture of Delhi India, smell the curry. Breath the air of San Diego fragrant of Mexican food, jazz blues, laughter and lights.what are you waiting for?