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This would be a better headgear alternative than a helmet. They're thieves, not assassins. Though it may seem a tad excessive, identity protection/anonymity is essential.

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Hit the jump to check out SCPS's, the prop department for Captain America: The Winter Soldier new video and photos which detail the design and construction of many props from the movie, including Bucky's mask.

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Mace--not to be confused with the spiked ball on a chain which is a morningstar.

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Close up at the armor. Incredible matte black paint and fabrication of tactical gear. im going to have to get this

Rear webbing design allows for 70% more hand surface area thus creating faster propulsion. Excellent grip and dexterity! Lighweight, won't absorb water, no straps or stitching to come off, no glue! Made in USA from biodegradeable natural latex rubber.

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Home of Darkfin Gloves the most advanced webbed glove ever designed! Also check out new line of Dark Archer tactical archery gear!

Emergency handbag

Vintage design fictions - radio that transforms into a gun. & is the Weapon& Radio Gun :: Music Is The Weapon