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Fabulous Friday

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Funny Pug Dog Meme Pun LOL

you put your left pug in you put your left pug out you put your left pug in and then shake it all about you do the pug pockeyand you turn your self around that's what it's all about

cutest #pug #dog #puppy pics

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Memphis and his cousin have trouble seeing eye to eye.

They didn't choose the pug life, but it certainly made 2014 way better.

This pug who bravely warned other pugs at the vet how their temperature was taken.

Last time we brought you dog photobombs. This month, check out these funny dog selfies. Enjoy these dog selfie pics.

How Sad can you go???

Funny Pug Dog Meme Pun LOL Jenni, does this sound familiar!