Is popcorn healthy for weight loss?

- Dr Oz: Wheat Germ Recipes for Weight Loss Doctor Oz said that Wheat Germ revs up weight loss in a big way.

How long do you need to kick your sugar habit in order to achieve full effects? Here are the facts that you need:

Sugar is commonly viewed as a villain in the food world. It's often associated with with health problems such as cavities, obesity, and diabetes.

Smart Nutrition

Decoding Smart Nutrition- just in time for the Florida Health Literacy Summit tomorrow!


A perfectly planned diet paired with a vigorous exercise regime – you must have heard these two words a million times regarding weight loss.

How to Turn Your Freezer Into Your Best Weight-Loss Tool

Why Your Freezer Is Your Best Weight-Loss Tool

12 Ways to turn your freezer into a weight loss machine! You will be amazed at these delicious frosty treats. Good idea for the presoaked dried beans!

Surveiller son alimentation pour maigrir

Surveiller son alimentation pour maigrir

Vegan Diet Promotes Healthy Body - Vegetarian diet leads to the saving of environment as massive poaching and hunting of animals leads to the disturbance in the ecological balance of the nature.

Researchers have identified a substance in oats called beta-glucan which significantly reduces LDL cholesterol

What Does a Serving Size Look Like?

Five Superfood Duos! Bananas and Yogurt for muscle strengthening recovery! Eat after a workout! Great Nutrition Let your food be your medicine

Low-Calorie Desserts

Low-Calorie Desserts

The Best Snacks for Weight Loss: The word is out; you can snack wisely and still lose weight! True, once upon a time one of the number one diet rules was to avoid eating between meals but now we know better.