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All the essentials for a Loki cosplay. This is my plan for 2014 ComicCon.


How to make a loki costume part 12

In case I ever needed to know how to make thigh-high boot covers. Cosplay Island | Walkthrough - Boot Covers

Walkthrough - Boot Covers via Cosplay Island


Avengers Loki’s armor

Fantastic Groot Cosplay Costume. Personally I think this is the most accurate cosplay ever. I love it!

Fantastic Groot Cosplay Costume

Fantastic Groot Cosplay Costume ~This Groot costume i thought was for halloween, but it is so badass!

Avengers Loki’s shirt- I'd wear black leggings with it!

Avengers Loki’s shirt- I'd wear black leggings with it!

Loki Jacket

e-hyde: “ hey-lowkey: “ Avengers Loki’s jacket. ” Something to note that I see some cosplayers missing is that the jacket is not completely symmetrical. The right lapel (same side as the shoulder.

Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by napallama.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by on deviantART. Okay the bottom left picture on step 6 looks like she was cosplaying Frodo! Just add curly hair!

Avengers Loki’s pants

Avengers Loki’s pants

*SoloGrayson & *Courtoon/*xHee-Heex (Monarch) #cosplay

the Fiona and Marshall lee cosplay *dies*