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before my Uncle Bob had heart surgery, he heard the voice of his brother, my Uncle Mike, tell him, "Don't worry.I took your place".little did my Uncle Bob know that his brother had passed away shortly before he had his surgery.

"Paint, paint, paint. The superslick surface of IKEA’s furniture is notoriously difficult to paint, but Zinsser’s shellac-based primer works like a charm. Apply it with a miniroller, and follow up with your topcoat of choice. I like Benjamin Moore's Advance line for painting furniture. I often paint my wardrobes the same color as my walls to help them blend into the room and feel unobtrusive. For this project, I used Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray, a dark, moody blue-gray with plenty of…

6 times ikea looked especially elegant

What It's Like To Be a Nurse and What it Takes to Become One [Infographic]

What Its Like To Be a Nurse and What it Takes to Become One [Infographic]

Art Whats it Like to Be a Nurse? Where do nurses go to school? What is the ratio of male to femaie nurses? How much do nurses get paid? Where do nurses work? See the answers here in this very cool infographic. a-nurse-is-a-nurse-is-a-nurse