Ao Shun- Chinese myth: the dragon king of the north sea. he can take human form.

The Dragon King Ao-Kuang by Grafik Inspiration: 50 Digital Dragon Paintings - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article

Aren't these two little creatures the strangest things you've ever seen?

Glass Dragon by Julie Bell. This original piece of fantasy art by Julie Bell is currently available for purchase.

♥ Arte de Steve Goad

Vietnamese dragons "rồng" are symbolic creatures in the folklore and mythology…

James and milk The colors not quite right, but I like the image and the background scenery

The Dragon's Heir - Chapter Sixteen - Unedited


Where dreams are born by Rookshock . How to train your dragon, toothless, night fury, dragon:

Awesome Dragon.

Dragons are important mythological creatures in Chinese culture. Check out these 9 Interesting Facts about Chinese Dragons below.



Green Dragon

This is one bad ass looking dragon! And I love that it has the pearl and snake-like body and no wings.