Naviira's Doodles

Naviira's Doodles

All these wolves remind me of werewolf characters I created

As we are floating in the blue I am softly watching you Oh boy your eyes betray what burns inside you ---- The Rens in their secret location, the only place they could meet up without their relatio...

A collection of sketches from as far back as late last year, to as early as yesterday. Since studying human anatomy, my animal anatomy sketches have gotten better. It's a nice feeling. The top imag.

Kerby Studies by Novawuff

Kerby Studies by Novawuff

Wolf sketch

I wanna try drawing this!


Another wolf sketch!

Left Behind by CanisAlbus

I don't wanna be an island I just wanna feel alive and Get to see your face again Graphite and Gimp. Artwork, characters ©CanisAlbus Left Behind

Perro Siberiano

Fluffy Dog Step by Step by ~whisperpntr on deviantART

Wolf animation and movement references.

A couple wolf sketches from refs

Baltos Childhood by i really like the botttom one.

I loved Balto!

Resultado de imagen de FERRET YIN YANG

I& been practicing drawing weasels a lot lately because it occurred to me one day that I haven& a clue how their anatomy works. Well, now I know. And now I can draw weasels better.

Daily_Animal_Sketch_180                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Daily Animal Sketch – Lion Cubs – Last of the Polar Bears

Splinter :PC: by TheShadowedGrim

Splinter :PC: by TheShadowedGrim:

Merciless - WIP by Loudish on DeviantArt

Merciless - WIP by Loudish on DeviantArt

Mine by

Other Canine v. Feline tutorials: Overall:[link] Faces:[link] Another one! xDDD This time on chests since a lot of people tend to have trouble with this. REMEMBER: I am not an expert at this, I a.