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Long flowering thymes, perovskia and salvias provide evocative scent and warm colour, while mounds of low growing erigeron daisy’s cascade onto intercepting herringbone-patterned paths.

Beth Chatto's gravel garden in Elmstead Market, Colchester, Essex, England

Beth Chatto / garden at White Barn Farm, Elmstead market, Essex - island beds in the gravel garden which used to be the car park.

Gardeners added sand and gravel to the native clay and created a journey down and through a sun-loving medley of perennials, grasses, and herbs. In June, varieties of lavender, thyme, and the Mexican feather grass Nassella tenuissima provide plant structure.

The gravel garden demonstrates effective planting of an open and sunny slope.in June, varieties of lavendar, thyme, and Mexican feather grass provide plant structure.

May 2013 ... gravel garden at Chanticleer. I love the meander of the path and the troughs!

MT Round stone raised beds are awesome May 2013 . gravel garden at Chanticleer. I love the meander of the path and the troughs!

Chase Garden

The ‘South Sound Gardens’ will again have a booth at ‘The Northwest Flower and Garden Show’ starting Wednesday, February and running through Sunday, February If y…

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Show-stopping combination of orange butterfly weed, lavender, and Nassella (Mexican feather grass).

"Our time is so ephemeral, and no one can say how long any garden will last,” says Chatto, now 87 years old. “It is being part of that continuous chain, passing on plants and the love of plants from generation to generation, that matters."

The Beth Chatto Gardens - Gravel Garden/ golden oat grass nxt to flowering plants top patio wall