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Ein aufgearbeiteter Ring (wahrscheinlich Induskultur). Für die Fassung ein selbstgemachter Einsatz aus Elfenbein und Gold.
Black Rhino ~ extremely rare and becoming extinct, they are hunted and their horns removed while they are still alive ~ barbaric ~ please raise awareness for this magestic animal.
Watusi Cattle,  by Marina Cano.  An old african breed of cattle famous for its long horns.
✯ Kudu Bull - Africa
Narwhals have extra long tusk-like teeth that grow out so long that they pierce through their lips and come out looking like a horn. The male narwhals have tusks that grow to be almost as long as the rest of the animal! In some rare cases, both the left and right front teeth grow out, so you end up with a narwhal with two horns.
Deer: Path of the heart, reclaiming our truth and innocence, regal, gentle yet fierce. Awareness of the subtle energies and truths that surround us.
Buffalo Profile

Buffalo Profile 9x12 Sepia Fine Art Print - Yellowstone Bison, Nature, Western