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Langsam wachen Wildtiere aus dem Winterschlaf auf - Der milde Frühling macht Eichkätzchen, Igel, Dachs und sogar Siebenschläfer munter. Auch für viele Vögel ist das Wetter günstig. Mehr dazu hier: http://www.nachrichten.at/freizeit/haus_garten/Langsam-wachen-Wildtiere-aus-dem-Winterschlaf-auf;art123,1314602 (Bild: colourbox.de)

Votes can now be cast in an online poll to choose what could become Britain's first national bird.

Blue Tit - Herrerillo Comun - (Parus  Caeruleus)

Sinitiainen - Blue Tit - Herrerillo Comun - (Parus Caeruleus) by Txema Garcia on

"Hang in there". If cats can do it, So can we!! Oh, Yeah...

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Blue Tit Blue tits have a distinctive bright blue crown, nape collar, wings and tail with a yellow underside. Their cheeks are white, but have dark blue line around the eyes. These cheerful fellows have a short bill and stubby legs.

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The Pine warbler (Setophaga pinus) is a small songbird of the New World warbler. Male and Female. Photo by Alan Murphy.