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Well they know now!

Even if I make it obvious that im not a casual fan people dont tend to notice.

if you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that if you were a fictional character people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate

#benedictcumberbatch #tomhiddleston #anyonebritish and a couple American actors too. sad but true

I would punch my dad and say the same thing. There is something else I would say is stop yelling at the tv dad.

I read some fucking weird fanfiction.

The weirdest fanfic I read was one in which Cthulhu and Zalgo gang raped Slenderman. The worst part is that I found it kinda hot.

"And they lived...  Through times of turmoil and devastation; happiness and peace – it wasn't happily ever after but...they lived."

It's true (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who -- Yeah, pretty much every fandom)


For example I love Sherlock and Supernatural so much and some friends watch it too and when I tell them cool facts and cast stories, they don't care.

I will attend this funeral

Fun in funeral

The only thing that relates to me in this post is the fact that I have ridiculously high expectations XD EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE AT THE TOP. DID NOT MAKE THIS!!!!!!!

Unable to find love because, in addition to the fact I'm fiercely unattractive and I'm not particularly interesting nor talented, my standards have been set unrealistically high after years of mentally dating celebrities and/or fictional characters

Or watching an old show

Here's where she meets Prince Charming! But she won't discover that it's him till chapter three! <<<< this quote Belle represents us book lovers so perfectly yet another reason she has always been my favorite

tum This is really annoying and nobody talks about it

This is really annoying and nobody talks about it- not just for lotr, but for ANY geek/fandom member